Membership Information

SAME Membership Overview (link to SAME National website)

Why Join?

Because you, or your organization, wish to associate with professional engineers with an interest in national defense and in many engineering-related fields. Joining SAME can lead to the following benefits:

How to Join

Simply complete an application for either Individual Membership, Sustaining Membership (Corporate), or Sustaining Membership (Public Agency). For membership applications, recruiting information, or information on our recruiting campaign, please contact our post membership committee leads.

Individual Memberships are offered in four (4) categories:

Sustaining memberships are offered in two (2) categories:

Memberships are also available for non-profit organizations.

All who join become members of SAME National and a Post—a double
benefit (unless they elect an At Large designation).

What Does It Cost? 

National Dues vary in amount and duration depending on the membership type. The dues also change from year to year, so please check the SAME National site for details....